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You’re Basic Guide regarding about payments current news, events and jobs

If you want to keep yourself with the updated facts related to online payment industry, then you would have to visit the about-payments website and spend a few precious minutes there. Reading thru the articles you would get a total macro view of the main news headlines, the main events which are being planned and also the special jobs being offered in this industry. Simply this would be your bible in the world of the online payment industry.

You’re Basic Guide regarding about payments current news, events and jobsCurrent- News

•    Buckaroo has been recognized as the “Best Payment Service Provider” in the Netherlands. Buckaroo currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, offers services which can automate completely the entire collection and payment processes. The administration activities can also be completed automated. More than 4500 companies are currently using these facilities of Buckaroo. In fact this payment module allows the customer to simplify its payments via invoices and this minimizes the outstanding account.  Buckaroo being a part of the Intrium Justica Group has over 3500 employees in 20 countries. The company specializes both in online and offline payments. Other areas would include credit management and debit collection. The main objective for the future years would be to convert the simple online surfer to confirmed customers.

Major Events coming up

•    E-Tail China in 2015 -Expanding business in China would become easier, after the inauguration of e-Tail China in 2015. The event would get people from all over the world and create a high quality networking platform. This event would educate the interested partners to get their respective correct partners in China and thus grow their business.  This event would be held on 16th and 17th September in Shanghai.

•    Announcement of the Block-chain payment technology- This event would discuss the issues and technicalities of online payment system. Here the elements which have to be considered before entering digital currency space have also to be analyzed and studied. Finally the Block-chain payment technology would showcase the various points along with their key selling features. Confiy and Deloitte are organizing this event.

•    Money 20/20 event -A global event which is being scheduled in October 2015, would be the Money 20/20 event. This event is expected to have around 10,000 attendees who would be from over 3000 plus companies, which are located in 75 countries. The heavy weights of the industries are expected to be present and they would discuss the various final service innovations in the area of technology, data, marketing services and mobile domain, to name a few.


While visiting the about-payment websites you would also come across high profile jobs which are being offered in the industry. One such job is the position of Director of IT Architecture and Analysis. The main objective of this role would be finding a person who would construct the technological capabilities in the future years for Ingenico ePayments. This person would head the business analysis wing and architecture department. The job location is in Amsterdam. The main responsibility of the person would be to formulate the development and delivery of various strategies related to e-payments. The technical architecture should also be defined and maintained.


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