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Published on September 22nd, 2015 | by Skrill payment


What PayPal Users should Know about Skrill?

Towering transaction fees can serve as a very serious issue for various online stores and workers. The obligation of paying a huge amount of cash for accepting an online payment can hamper profit margins. One of the most popular online payment methods- PayPal, earns more than 4% per transaction and this is something that is a cause of worry for many online workers and stores. PayPal users should look out for another online payment medium called Skrill which advertises commissions and fees much lower in comparison to PayPal.

What PayPal Users should Know about SkrillMaking the Right Move is Important

With the limited use of sales copy and factory banner advertisements, Skrill is always aimed towards keeping extra fees and clauses out of spotlight. The services provided by Skrill generally trump the ones provided by PayPal. However, the costs need to be considered. Using the services of Skrill is good for some people but not for all online stores and workers. It is important for you to find out the fence side where you should sit.

Debit Cards for Accessing Cash

Both Skrill and PayPal offer their customers Debit Cards enabling quick access to large funds. Making use of a debit card is considered much safer in comparison to using credit cards or cash when abroad. This also means that you do not have to wait for the company to transfer cash to your bank account. Debit cards are also of good help in managing expenditures. It is to be noted, that the debit card service of PayPal is offered only to the US users. On the other hand, Skrill offers its debit card service worldwide and this is something that attracts users to Skrill. The debit card offered by PayPal is not attached to the user’s account directly. This means that the user needs to transfer cash from his or her PayPal account to his or her debit card. Nevertheless, debit cards are attached directly to the user’s account in case of business accounts. There is a $1 cost for ATM withdrawals and 2.5% fee for buying from foreign merchant online. These are fees which are charged on top of the currency conversion fees. On the other hand, Skrill presents a very straightforward approach. Skrill users need to pay €10 as annual fee along with €1.80 as ATM withdrawal fee. Apart from this, all the other regular activities using the Skrill debit card are completely free.

So, is it PayPal or Skrill?

Although, using the Skrill debit card is an expensive alternative particularly when making use of ATMs, the card has a trick for the users. Users can easily get their Skrill debit card in USD, Polish Zlotys, British Pounds or Euro, if they are looking to avoid the currency conversion fees. This goes regardless of your location. Skrill turns out to be a much affordable alternative in comparison to PayPal especially when you are making an online purchase in some other currency or when you are spending while travelling. However, this would be true only if you use the Skrill debit card for paying-in-store in place of withdrawing money from ATMs. Thus, it can rightly be said that if you own a business in the US then PayPal is the best option for you. Or else, Skrill’s card functionality and world-wide availability makes it a better option.


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