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Published on October 5th, 2015 | by neteller


What are the Features of Neteller?

For more than a decade now, Neteller has been successfully providing individuals and businesses with a secure, simple and a fast method of moving money online. It works in the form of one of the largest independent money transfer businesses in the world, processing billions of dollars worth of transactions every year. Neteller is trusted by consumers and merchants alike. The financial services of the company span over not less than 200 countries across an extensive range of businesses and industries. Neteller service is under the management of Optimal Payments Limited. Some of the key features of Neteller include:

What are the Features of NetellerMake Confident Payments

Making payments online becomes easy with the use of Neteller services. The service even works in places where credit and debit cards might not work. Once you deposit your cash into your Neteller account, it is ready to be used whenever and wherever you want it. If your credit card is declined, there is nothing for you to worry. Neteller offers Net+ Prepaid Card to its users. This card has the highest acceptance rate in the industry giving you the flexibility of using your money wherever you want.

Depositing Money

Neteller gives its users the freedom of depositing money by making use of innovative ACH Instant Bank Deposit product or through credit cards. Users get the flexibility of choosing the option that best suits their requirements. Once the users are done with the selection, they can start depositing funds. In case, you are looking to transfer money from one site to the Neteller account, choose Neteller cash put option available on the website for withdrawing funds to the Neteller account on an instant basis.

Getting Money Out of Neteller Account

Getting money out of Neteller account is also very easy. You can withdraw money from innumerable ATMs or you also have the option of using your Net+ Prepaid Card online and even in shops. No matter, what you choose, your Net+ Prepaid Card and Neteller account gives you instant and easy access to your money.

Net+ Prepaid Cards

You can use your Net+ Prepaid Card for transferring funds directly the regulated gaming websites. What you need to do is simply upload cash into your Neteller account and start moving money where ever you want. Net+ is also considered one of the best methods of transferring funds in a secure manner. The card has a high rate of acceptance and therefore it can be the best bet. This card is exclusively available to the Neteller members. Net+ is the best value when it comes to prepaid cards because of its low fees and great features.


You can remain ensured about your security when using Neteller. This is because, Neteller is one of the most trustworthy online payment solutions in the world. It uses the latest security features and anti-fraud tools for helping and supporting its customers in the best way possible.


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