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Using Woo Commerce Skrill for Processing Online Payments

Skrill is one of the largest online payment platform providers in the world and it is presently being used by more than 1, 35,000 merchants. It allows its users to accept more than 100 local payment options, credit cards and bank transfers securely. Skrill provides up-front and fully transparent pricing with the cost of payment processing being a little expensive in comparison to using the other online payment platforms. Prices tend to be competitive and at the same time considerably lower when compared to PayPal- the widely used online payment platform.

Using Woo Commerce Skrill for Processing Online PaymentsHow does Skrill Woo Commerce Work?

The extension called Woo Commerce Skrill payment gateway transfers payment through the secure servers of Skrill. It does this by redirecting customers to the securely hosted payment page owned by Skrill. Customers can use this page for entering payment information. However, there is another method used by Woo Commerce and that is inframing Skrill payment page on the customer’s site. Customers do not need to produce a valid SSL certificate and at the same time complicated PCI requirements also tend to be eliminated. This is because the payment information of the customer is managed by Skrill’s servers. Skrill has been specifically designed for allowing its users to focus on their sales and the growth of their business instead of becoming a PCI expert.

Why is it Beneficial to Make Use of Woo Commerce Skrill Payment Gateway Extension?

There are some basic advantages of using Woo Commerce Skrill payment gateway extension and they are as follows:

•    Users do not need to produce expensive SSL certificates.

•    Users are provided maximum security. This is because all the payments are securely processed through Skrill’s servers.

•    Users can process universal payments in more than 40 currencies.

•    Users are provided superior quality fraud and chargeback protection.

•    Major Debit Cards and Credit Cards like MasterCard, Visa Card, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and American Express are accepted.

•    Regional debit cards and credit cards are also accepted

Fraud and Risk Management

Skrill makes use of a number of security tests when processing payments either small or large. These security tests include CVN/AVS checks, correlation checks and black and white lists. Skrill provides complete chargeback protection on request due to the fact that its security measures tend to be very effective. This is a kind of peace of mind for the user’s Woo Commerce store.

Getting Started

There are a few steps that users need to follow in getting started with the use of Woo Commerce Skrill payment gateway extension. The steps include:

•    Purchasing the Woo Commerce extension.

•    Downloading and installing the extension into the Woo Commerce store.

•    Logging into the Skrill account that you possess and grabbing the Secret Word or Merchant ID.

•    Saving the entire information on settings page

These are the basic steps that you need to follow. Post this, you need to do nothing but enjoy processing easy payments.


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