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The Procedure of Making Online Payments through Skrill

Skrill is basically a tool which allows its users to safely receive and send money through email and the entire procedure is quite instant too. This is a service that enables you to transfer money from and to your bank account and send cash from your debit card or credit card. The work procedure of this online payment option goes like this- an account is created by the user, the account is funded and then payments are sent to almost any individual by making use of a valid email address.

Detailed Procedure of Sending Money

A detailed description of the procedure of transferring money has been provided below:
The Procedure of Making Online Payments through SkrillStep 1: Registering a Skrill Account

You need to visit the Skrill payment gateway page and register a Skrill account.

Step 2: Funding the Account

One of the most common techniques that you can use in funding your account is through bank transfer. On your Skrill payment gateway page, click at Upload Funds and then select bank transfer as your preferable payment method. This will give you customer ID and bank details which would serve as reference for the transfer. The next step involves instructing your bank about processing the transaction. It is necessary for you to provide your login email or transaction ID in the reference field. In situations where you do not like funding your Skrill account through bank transfer, there are other payment methods that can easily be used.

Step 3: Sending Payments

As soon as you get the required funds transferred to your Skrill account, you can move ahead and start sending payments to almost any individual possessing an email address. You can do this by following all the instructions provided under Send Money tab.

Detailed Procedure of Receiving Money through Skrill

The very first step that you need to take in trying to receive money through Skrill is registering a Skrill account. The next step involves providing your valid email address to the payer. This will enable the payer to send you the payments. The moment someone sends money by making use of Skrill service, cash gets instantly credited to the Skrill account balance. Here, you can request your payers to transfer money by following the instructions provided under the Request money tab. This gives you the flexibility of receiving money even from people who are not Skrill members. What you need to do is just enter the email address of the counterparty and the amount of money that you are requesting. Rest will be done by Skrill. Thus, by making use of Skrill payment gateway, you get paid very easily and instantly. You do not have to wait for a very long time for the funds to get cleared. You get the freedom of receiving payments from throughout the world in an affordable and safe manner.

Which are the Countries Served by Skrill?

Skrill works for almost every country throughout the world except countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Myanmar, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba.


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