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The New CEO of Skrill Group is David Sears

David Sears has been announced to be the Group CEO of Skrill and paysafe-card subsidiary. Sears had earlier joined the group as a Chief Commercial Officer in August 2014 and headed two divisions of Travelex. In the last few months he was the CEO of Weve. Sears is replacing Siegfried Heimgaertner, who would now be a part of the advisory board. This board provides in helping the company develop strategic policies which develop the company. Siegfried Heimgaertner was responsible for the acquisition of paysafe card division and the sale of Skrill to CVC Capital Partners.

The New CEO of Skrill Group is David SearsWhy was Sears recruited for the job?

Peter Rutland, one of the senior MD’s of CVC Capital Partners feels that David Sears with his extensive work experience in the area of payment industry would be the correct person to lead the Skrill group. Sears is bestowed with features of global leadership and this would help Skrill to grow more extensively in the coming years.

What does David Sears feel about the future of payment markets?

David Sears feels that in the next few years the payment market would see a massive change as technology updates would create much advancements in the area. Skrill in the last 13 years has built various products like the pay-safe card which meets the complex needs of a customer. Sears feels that he is very optimistic regarding the growth of online payment and in the near future online payments would be more secure and the customer would be able to undertake it more easily.

What does Siegfried Heimgaertner have to say about the company?

In his concluding speech Siegfried Heimgaertner maintained that it was a great pleasure that he was part of the development of Skrill Group. Siegfried Heimgaertner feels that the acquisition of Skrill by CVC would create new challenges for the company and the acquisition of pay-safe card would help Skrill to embark into new business segments. He mentioned that he is optimistic about continuing working with the company as a strategic advisor and also feels that the new leadership under David Sears would take the company into new heights of success.

Objectives and Values of the Skrill Group

Skrill Group based in London has been in operation from 2001. Currently there are around 36 million account holders in 200 countries. 40 different currencies are currently used.


•    Skill Group has created the mission to offer universal online-payments from anywhere in the world, for any customer and around the clock.

•    The products offered by the company are simple and easy to use by the customers.

•    The security of the transactions is very important. This is one of the reasons that customers from all over the world trust the company.

•    The advanced technology used in the products, make the customers use Skirll’s product and adapt themselves to it.


•    The employees of Skrill group earn the trust of their customers.

•    They think how they can help the customers.

•    They like evolving around globally.


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