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Skrill Gateway Plugin

When working on a software application, have you ever wondered how it has been customized? The customization or the added features can be added to a software application by using a plug-in, which is also known as an addon.  When you use a search engine or a scanner to detect virus, both these applications have a plug-in feature added to them. Popularly known plugin’s are Java plug-in, the Quick Time Player and the Abode Flash Player.  Skrill is a global player in the area of online processing payment and digital wallet services, also has its own specialized gateway plug-in. This plug-in helps the Skrill customers to interface with its various online banking accounts, and transfer money easily anywhere in the world, from its listed countries.

Skrill Gateway PluginWhat is the Skrill Payment-Gateway?

The Skrill Payment-Gateway is a website where customers can make online payment using various options available. Using simple HTML format, the basic details about the customer is collected and then the customer can continue with his online transaction. Once the procedure is completed, the customer returns to the website and also receives a confirmation that his money has been transferred successfully.

How do you connect to the payment gateway?

•    The process to connect to Skrill payment gateway is very simple. Here the customer has to log into either into the payment page or the checkout page and select a payment method from the various options available. Then you would need to submit your account details and immediately you would be transferred towards the payment gateway of Skrill.

•    In case you request for a SID or session identifier then you would receive it from Skrill. The session identifiers could be the specific currency you need for the money transfer or the language you would use to make the online transaction.

•    Payment details are entered by the customer and then the payment gateway of Skrill would authorize the online customer’s bank or the customer’s credit card to authorize the transaction. Here, the online bank or the credit card company has the authority to reject or approve the online transaction.

•    Once the online transaction is approved, the customer would need to confirm the transaction and after a few minutes Skrill would confirm that the online procedure has been successfully completed.

It is essential to understand that the above procedure could be undertaken easily by the online customer due to the presence of Skrill gateway plug-in. Here the plug-in extends the application with the customer’s online banking account and thus creates much convenience. The plug-in also helps the customer to change the appearance of the interface page and customize it according to his or her needs. In the end it can be added that the presence of the Skrill gateway plug-in has helped the Skrill Company to add more and features in its application. This has thus helped it to be one of the most popular online payment systems in the world.


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