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Simple ways to verify your PayPal account using Neteller-VCC MasterCard or Payoneer Prepaid-MasterCard

The simple online payment procedure of PayPal uses encryption software and this ensures that money transfer is undertaken without much hassles. Currently at a global level, PayPal has more than 100 million active account holders. Most common users of PayPal undertake it to complete various online financial transactions in eBay and other popular websites where they would sell or purchase goods or even exchange cash.

Neteller-VCC MasterCard or Payoneer Prepaid-MasterCardWhat do you do when you face PayPal verification problems?

There are many customers who do not want to invest in virtual credit cards or even credit cards. These customers face problems when they have to verify their PayPal account. In such a case you would only receive payments from your local banks or from any paid survey sites. PayPal has two sites which offer free VCC-MasterCard to its users and this would also help you to verify your PayPal account. Here it is essential that you put in some money in your VCC-MasterCard and activate it. The administration experience of could also help you in a major way.

How do you use the Net + Prepaid MasterCard to verify your PayPal account?

Neteller is one of the leading companies in the area of digital online-payment and its presence can be felt in 200 countries. The Virtual Credit Cards of this company are the Net + Prepaid MasterCard and the Prepaid MasterCard could be easily used to verify your PayPal account. The basic steps to take are explained below:

•    Create your personal Neteller account and login into the account.

•    Then verify the Neteller account. This could be undertaken by undertaking a manual online bank transfer or using the ATM card-Mandiri.

•    It is essential that valid document proofs like passport or driver’s license is uploaded into the account for verification.

•    Then check that your balance in Neteller account is positive and can undertake any transaction made by VCC.

•    Then view the menu of the cards and select the type of card you want. If you select a physical card you would be charged $13 and then the card would be mailed to your home address.

•    Once you receive the virtual or the physical card, you can then verify your PayPal account easily.

How do you use the Payoneer Prepaid-MasterCard t to verify your PayPal account?

Choice Bank in United States issues the Payoneer Prepaid-MasterCard. You can use the card to enjoy online shopping and also undertake EDC. The Payoneer Prepaid-MasterCard follows the current exchange rate when you use it to make your financial transactions. Here are the simple steps to obtain it-

•    Register your personal details in the Payoneer website and fill the mandatory identity details.

•    The address should be clearly written.

•    You would receive the cards within a month and then you can activate the Payoneer account.

•    Once the account has a balance, you can use the Payoneer Prepaid-MasterCard to make a transaction with your PayPal account and verify it easily.


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