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Setting Up Skrill Payment Gateway

Skrill set up in 2001 is a global player in the area of digital wallet services and online payment systems. Moneybookers was the original name of the company and it rebranded itself as Skrill in 2011. Currently Skrill has been acquired by Optimal Payment for $1, 2 billion. The payment gateway of Skrill enhances the convenience of use for its online customers and thus it has to be set up well. Below we have explained the basic steps to set it up and also the various options the gateway offers.

Setting Up Skrill Payment GatewaySetting up the gateway

•    You log into your Skrill account and log into the payment or the checkout page.

•    Then you select the Skrill payment option.

•    Once this is done, you would be entering the Skrill payment gateway. The gateway is secure as it uses SSL technology and does not save your online transaction.

•    Now key in your transaction details like the amount you want to transfer, specify the currency and also select the language.

•    Once you submit the details and hit the confirm button, you would receive affirmation that your transfer is complete.

What are the various options available in the gateway?

1.    Quick-Checkout: If you have not registered yourself as a Skrill customer and would need a fast online transaction, you could use this option. When you use the digital wallet services, you would be provided with your account and a unique password.

2.    Split-Gateway: As a merchant you could use the Split-gateway option, when you want your customer to view the payment option you are selecting. For example, if you select the option of ‘Pay via Direct-Debit” then the option would be reflected in the main checkout page, instead of the ‘Pay via Skrill’ option.

3.    Fixed-Split Gateway: When setting up the skill payment gateway and selecting the Fixed-Split Gateway, you would activate the fixed payment method options. In some cases the option might not be available to the customer as it is not supported in the listed countries. Then, as a default, all the other modes of payment would be shown to the customer and the customer can select it.

4.    Flexible-Split Gateway: The option for Flexible-Split Gateway is used when a payment method is already predefined by the customer. Here all the payment options used in your country would be displayed and in case the specified payment option is not available, then other payment options would be listed.

What is GWFR or Gateway Fast Registration?

When you are a merchant and cannot use the Quick-Checkout option, then you can use the Gateway Fast- Registration option. Here you would register for your Skrill account. When you use the Gateway Fast-Registration, the number of fields needed to be filled up is lesser. Thus the transaction is quick and easy for the first time Skrill customer.


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