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Protecting Yourself from Scammers when Using Skrill

Accepting payments through credit cards is an obligation for e-commerce online businesses. However, in order to carry out this procedure in a normal manner, e-commerce online businesses require a payment gateway or merchant account. A payment gateway ensures that your e-commerce website, your customer and all the banks involved, can communicate with each other so that transactions are carried out in the proper manner. Selling online means accepting credit cards and other forms of payment and this eventually requires a reliable payment gateway. Skrill Payment Gateway is one of the most efficient online payment platforms that can be used in the recent times.

Protecting Yourself from Scanners when Using SkrillFees that you Need to Pay

One of the most basic benefits of using Skrill is lack of fees. Skrill account holders do not need to pay monthly fees and set up fees as well. Address verification and Social Security Number checks are easily available without having to pay anything. You can also avail these benefits and some more of them by signing up for eBay accepted payment option. As a user, you also get the flexibility of accepting international payments. You will only have to pay the transaction fees which are completely based on monthly sales. Monthly transaction fees charged by Skrill are highly compatible with the other low-cost online payment alternatives. Nevertheless, you cannot enjoy all the features and the services that you might avail with the highly-priced online payment gateways. Skrill is 100% secure offering a safe and valid method for the customers to pay the merchants.

Take Care of Scammers

This is something that is very important irrespective of the fact that whether you are using Skrill or any other payment gateway. There are schemes where scammers might pretend to be Google Checkout, Amazon and even Moneybookers. They do this for getting easy access to the customer’s personal and account information. PayPal and Skrill serve as popular targets for the scammers. However, all other payment gateways are equally vulnerable. What happens is that your email says that there is a certain issue. It then instructs you to click on a particular link and then enter personal information. In case, this happens with your Skrill account or any other payment gateway that you might be using, it is advisable not to use the link provided in the email. What you should actually do is, open a completely new browser window and log in directly. You also have the option of contacting your service provider and giving them complete details of your problem. This will help you in getting proper information which will safeguard your interests.


To conclude, it can be said that there are innumerable considerations for the online payment platform provider that you choose. It is necessary for you to consider both price and security. Skrill serves to be a very good choice for small businesses. However, it is important for you to carry out a thorough research in making the choice of the perfect payment gateway.


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