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Optimal Payment through its Skrill acquisition is planning to become a global leader in online payment services

Optimal Payments Group one of the leaders of mobile payment and online processing services has entered into an agreement to acquire Skrill. The total acquisition amount would be $1.2 billion. The Skrill Company which is based from the UK is one of the largest companies in Europe providing various online payment options to and digital-wallet solutions to its customers. Using the paysafe-card brand, Skrill is also one of the largest companies which extensively help its customers to use pre-paid vouchers. The acquisition would be complete provided certain conditions were met and this included regulatory approvals and consent of share holders of Optimal Payment.

Optimal Payment through its Skrill acquisition is planning to become a global leader in online payment servicesHow would the Skrill acquisition help the company?

The experts Directors from Optimal Payment Group foresee the fact that the acquisition of Skrill by Optimal Payment Group would add value to the company. This would lead to the development of a global leader in the area of digital wallet services. This would help the company to encash on the growing demands of the online payment processing and digital-wallet services in the future. The segment of online gaming and its significance cannot be also overlooked here.

In the words of John Leonoff, President and CEO of Optimal Payments, Leonoff claims that in the last few years, the company has provided growth and profits for its various shareholders. The acquisition Of Skrill Company would take Optimal Payment Group to the next level of success and this would also increase the future growth of the company.

Over the years the Enlarged Group has significantly grown in many ways like-

•    The company endorses over 100 payment options using 41 currencies. These options are available in 22 languages around the world.

•    It has a great presence in the field of online gambling.

•    A well rounded customer care base along with an increase in merchant-diversification has been created.

•     The company would extensively reach out towards new segments.

•    It would grow extensively in North America and also increase its presence in the area of legal online gambling market, in the next few years.

•    It would become a leading player in digital-wallet business after the acquisition of Skrill.

•    The merchants would enjoy an end to end payment solution with the company in Europe, as the Enlarged Group has membership with both Visa and MasterCard.

•    The teams conducting these strategies are experienced and have around 140 years of experience behind them.

Basic facts about Skrill

Skrill was founded and is headquartered in London. It is a leader in the area of online payment transfer and digital-wallet services. It also has the largest pre-paid card customers who use the pay-safe card. The main product endorsed by Skrill is e-wallet services and this helps both the merchants and the customers to send and receive money from any part of the world quickly.

Basic Facts about Optimal Payments

This is a global company which manages billions of dollars annually. Using various platforms like NETBANX and NETELLER, various types of financial transactions are undertaken. Merchants also enjoy pre-product services and products when they use the Card Services of the company.


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