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Online gambling affected by Neteller resolution

What is Neteller’s resolution?

Neteller resolution is a very famous name for online money transfer service in USA. It is more so famous among the gamblers or the people related to the gambling industry.

The incident that happened

There were around 250,000 accounts, having positive balances, which was frozen by neteller since January, after their work in the USA was halted and the federal government arrested the Canadian founders for using a lot of money in illegal gambling. Almost two third of Neteller’s business profit was from the U.S.A.

Online gambling affected by Neteller resolutionThe present day scenario

Till now $70 million has been withdrawn by people in U.S. and many of them are relieved with it. Though the company is still doing their business with almost 160 countries worldwide their business was terminated from the U.S. However, they are trying to regain their lost reputation in areas related to non-gambling, as said by Neteller spokesman Andrew Gilchrist in an interview. In the course of the federal investigation of the Neteller case, it was said by Neil Donovan an FBI agent that the funds were made to be the main evidence in the court.

This investigation, which was carried out has played an immense role in the part of national suppression. In contradiction of most famous online gambling which is illegal, the law was signed by the then President of U.S. George W Bush in last October which banned the usage of checks, electronic fund transfers  and credit cards in the field of online gambling. Still now residents of US had already placed a major part of all their bets to many chief offshore casinos of about $16.3 billion. However, most of the online gambling sites are grounded outside the country and out of reach of the American law enforcement.

Neteller is one of the most important de facto payment processor mainly for the transaction of online gambling after the fall of PayPal outside Money-transfer businesses in the US. Neteller does their trade with the monetary institutions and traders. But several people also allow gaming businesses for the transfer of money from the U.S. gamblers to bank accounts outside the state of the USA.

The federals actions in contradiction of Neteller had the anticipated result of forcing further payment processors, like the InstaDebit Services and the Citadel Commerce from their marketing in USA.


Even after all the bans being made by the federal government, there would always be a way for the gamblers, to find their destination and to satisfy their hunger of illegal gambling through other mediums. And as for now many gamblers are saying that this incident is just a momentary hinder for the gamers, but it would be back in few years’ time and as the word goes for Neteller, it is still surviving and is hoping against hope to stage a comeback to U.S.A even if it means returning through the non-gambling part of their business.


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