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Neteller vs PayPal- A Basic Comparison

It is nerve-wrecking for some people to spend money on purchasing products online. This goes special for people who are in the habit of using brand new websites or making huge purchases. The risks involved in online payments can easily be diminished by making use of a good and a top quality online payment service. It also makes online shopping easy for people. Here, we will have a look at the basic difference between Neteller and PayPal. But before that, you need to know some details about both these online payment options.

Neteller vs PaypalPayPal and Neteller- Introduction

PayPal is one of the widely known and the largest online payment solutions. eBay is the owner of this payment service and it focuses on transforming the buying experience of an individual into a safe, cost free and quick procedure. On the other hand, Neteller offers unified and easy to use e-wallet services to its users. Both Neteller and PayPal aim towards getting different customers in certain parts of their e-wallet services. This is the reason why both these online payment solutions provide different conditions. PayPal does not offer most sports betting, online gambling and Poker rooms as merchants.

VIP Programs

PayPal does not have a VIP programs for its loyal customers. On the other hand, there are various programs that have specifically been designed within the Neteller service portal. Users need to pay a fee for becoming and maintaining the Neteller VIP status. the VIP program available from Neteller features five tiers. You will have to pay 10,000 USD for bronze, 100,000 USD for gold, 50,000 USD for silver, 2,000,000 USD for diamond and 500,000 USD for platinum. Apart from this, there is a special status available from Neteller and it is called Neteller Pro. This program is available to the customers of eWallet Optimizer just after account verification.


Neteller has shown a rapid growth in its revenues recently. However, when compared to PayPal possessing 128 million active and registered accounts along with 110 billion EUR value of transaction, Neteller is still a very small competitor. It has been estimated that PayPal will keep its growth cycle intact for a very long time and the growth rate would be approximately 20%.


There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that PayPal is the biggest and the most popular e-wallet provider available on the internet. This is the reason why most merchants like going for PayPal accepting higher fees. On the other hand, PayPal is not on offer by several online gambling websites and in such circumstances Neteller serves as the best choice. There are no VIP programs offered by PayPal while Neteller stands 100% free for its users offering high rewards to loyal customers. Therefore, people who are looking to benefit from some of the best available conditions can always go for the use of Neteller.


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