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Published on October 3rd, 2015 | by neteller


Neteller integrates Netverify by Jumio – What do you know?

It is integrating an online verification through which it will be able to make sure of the original documentation of the online providers for their optimal payment. To verify the documents the webcam or the mobile phone camera is to be used as an ID scanning device. Jumio is a fast growing mobile credential Management Company which has made this process to verify ID as well as other credentials faster.

What is Optimal Payment?

Optimal Payments Plc is based on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM and it carries a symbol of OPAY. Subsidiary company Optimal Payments Ltd which is regulated as well as authorized by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, is an e-money issuer.

Neteller integrates Netverify by Jumio - What do you knowOptimal Payments is an online payment solution which works globally. This payment solution which works all-over two hundred countries and regions is trusted by business and consumers. In this busy life all of us are running after time. Traders use Netbanking and other services to save their time. They like to simplify the process to accept debit-credit card, and many other forms of payment and services and the service of Neteller which increases revenues and attracts new customers. Another division of Optimal Payment Service is its Card Service which provides prepaid products and services to businessmen.

The benefits of Net verification

It will be a great help to improve the consumer experience if the verification is done through Net verification. Jumio’s real time ID document authentication has reduced the time of verification in a large scale. It takes less than two hours which used to take 12 hours earlier. Neteller is being able to reduce the numbers of accounts where manual reviews or additional checks are needed by introducing Net verification. This allows Nettler to continue its compliance with its “Know Your Customer” regulatory requirements. It also improves customer experience and attracts new consumers.

This service is also beneficial to the consumers as it will be able to make instant and secure payments online. This verification is available in a variety of sectors including entertainment, gaming, retail, financial services, travel and digital content using Jumio’s ID verification technology.


The online verification service not only saves time but also makes the whole process easier. Online money transaction is already a popular concept among people. But some of them feel insecure to use this service as they are afraid of cheating or authenticity. Now this net verification process will make them sure not to be cheated and the service providers will also be able to serve their consumers within a shorter time span. So, Net verification is beneficial to both of consumer and the company as well. The online verification is done in an easy process of making your mobile phone camera or webcam as an ID scanning terminal.


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