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Published on October 5th, 2015 | by neteller


Neteller and Netbanx Improve the Optimal Payments

Optimal Payments serves in the form of a universal provider of online payment solutions. It is a company that is trusted by consumers and businesses in not less than 200 countries. It has the capability of moving and managing billions of dollars each year. The NETBANX processing service is used by merchants for simplifying the procedure of accepting and settling cash, direct-from-bank and credit card payments. Apart from this, they also make use of the Neteller payment option for increasing margins, capturing new customers and for increasing the lifetime value of the customers. Since Optimal Payments work in the form of an independent provider, thousands of merchants throughout the globe get maximum support from the company.

Neteller and Netbanx Improve the Optimal PaymentsHow has Neteller Helped Optimal Payments?

You will find Optimal Payment Plc. quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange with a certain ticker sign of OPAY. Optimal Payment Ltd, a subsidiary company is regulated and authorized in the form of an e-money issuer by FCA or Financial Conduct Authority, UK. Recently, Optimal Payments Plc, which is one of the most popular alternative payments providers, announced the details of its Neteller eWallet service. Neteller service gives full flexibility to its users to carry out their online transactions easily and safely. This goes for users in more than 180 countries. The users get the flexibility of making online transactions by using either integrated Neteller Net+ MasterCard or direct merchant payments. This new release of Neteller eWallet has delivered more active and efficient users of Optimal Payments Plc. Furthermore, it has paved the way for a greater universal reach for this service.

Major Upgrades

The Neteller service upgrade has been specifically designed for increasing the number of active member conversions by approximately 50%. Some of the most important updates that have already been brought to the forefront of the users in the market include a revised sign-up which includes Facebook passporting, an all-new user experience for Neteller service and a completely redesigned public website. Within the Neteller service, up-to-date thinking has meticulously been used for designing new workflows driving higher task completion by the members. These include card applications, account limit increases, funding and bank registration. There are some new languages that have also been added for improving user experience with an automatic increase in conversion rates of foreign customers. In addition to this, new and advanced security features like improved fraud prevention devices have also been implemented for ensuring constant protection of the clients. Embedding and integration of back-office applications like Threat Metrix fraud management, Income Access affiliate management and Adobe Test & Target have also been delivered for improving operational and insight performance. There are other new releases that have the potential of increasing the universal reach of Optimal Payments. The new release will also help in streamlining the deposit procedure for improving the probability of funding Neteller account successfully and also in improving conversion rates.


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