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How do you use Neteller in Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country located in central South America and many people staying there would love to make online purchases from various popular websites. In most cases they use PayPal accounts. But PayPal accounts have to be verified and this becomes a problem when you do not have any virtual credit cards. But nowadays a better option is available in the form of using Neteller or Payonner platforms.

Why should you use Neteller?

Neteller is one of the largest online services companies and its presence can be felt in 200 countries. The main benefits of using Neteller are many. Some of them are:

How do you use Neteller in Bolivia•    You do not need to pay any annual or monthly maintenance fees.

•    You do not need to use it regularly and it would be active for long periods.

•    You can use it without verification.

•    Neteller has products like + Net MasterCard’s which enable  you to draw money from an ATM which recognizes MasterCard and also you can use it extensively anywhere and at anytime around the globe.

What have you to do?

If you are staying in Bolivia and eager to use Neteller, you have to follow the basic guidelines which are:

1.    Log into the and click on the register button.

2.    Then key in personal details like your email address, currency that you would use and current country. Then select the US dollar option.

3.    Next you would need to fill up another detailed form which would have details like your residential address. You would also need to set and answer your security questions. It would be best if you can write them in a book which could be accessed by you easily. It is important that you set the password following the guidelines and then confirm on the Click button.

4.    A picture-id would be shared with you along with your security ID.

5.    Your account is created and now you would need to select the virtual cards. Select the type of virtual card you would need and also the currency.

6.    If you select a virtual card, then you would view the Play option which would show your card details. This would include the unique card number, security id and card expiry date.

7.    Finally the virtual credit card has been created. Now you need to activate it.

8.    To activate your Neteller virtual cards you would need to transfer some money into it. This could be done by undertaking a local bank money transfer or using other options available. Remember only when you store money into your digital account, and then you can activate it. Otherwise your Neteller account would be inactive.

9.    Once the Neteller account is active, you can confirm your PayPal account too, by transferring money into it using your Neteller account.

10.    Now you have the power to use any mode of payment features including biticoins to enjoy hassle free online transactions in Bolivia.


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