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Enjoy the various online safe payment options by Neteller

Most first time users are skeptical when making their online financial payments and they feel that the procedure is not secure and safe. But this is a fear which can be best avoided when you use the services of Neteller, one of the forerunners in this segment. The feature of e-wallet payment system would ensure that you have a safe and easy experience when you are making financial transactions. In case you are new to this experience, below are a few basic facts which you need to learn.

How do you create the Neteller account?

You would need to login into the Neteller account and create a new account. Once the account is created, you can activate it by adding some money into the account. After both these steps have been completed, you can receive and transfer money to any family members easily.

Enjoy the various online safe payment options by NetellerWhat do you do when the Neteller feature is not available in your site?

Here you can use the two types of free prepaid MasterCard’s.

What are the basic facts about Neteller?

If you are regularly using online transactions, you would understand the importance of Neteller. The company was set up in 1999 and it helps you to enjoy a no-fuss, easy and secure transactions. Annually the company oversees billion of dollar transactions at a global level. Customers and merchants in 180 countries trust this company when they make financial transactions for both business and person reasons. Optimal Payment is the parent company and it authorizes the various transactions made on a daily basis. The main reason behind the popularity of Neteller lies in the fact that the company offers various payment options to its average customers. The e-wallet payment system can be considered it’s most important and popular product. Millions of online customers use this product to enjoy online gaming, purchase products from online sites and also send money to their loved ones across the globe.  Other products like Net+ Prepaid MasterCard’s which are connected to your personal digital e-wallet would ensure that you can access easy cash instantly.  In United Kingdome the electronic money is issued under the patronage of the Financial Services Authority.

Are they any regulations?

Financial Services Authority authorizes the various transactions and highest codes of security are implemented in a major way. Also various protocols which ensure that money laundering is not undertaken are also implemented. All these regulations ensure that you can use the services with trust and confidence. The shares of the Optimal Payments-Plc are also traded in the London AIM-Stock exchange and the main symbol used here is OPAY.L.

Neteller’s Popular Products

1.    E-wallet: This is a digital money account which is used by customers in 180 countries. You would need to store money in this account and then you can undertake your money transactions easily.

2.    Net+ Prepaid MasterCard’s: These are like virtual credit cards and can be used to make online transactions without any hassles. These cards have unique numbers in them and they are attached to your e-wallet account.

3.    Money Transfer: You can make a simple money transfer from any of the 180 countries easily. You would just need to register and have a digital e-wallet account. The service fee here is much lesser than traditional online methods.


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