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Different Payment Processing with Skrill

The total volume of credit card transactions in the Asia-Pacific area reached around $9,380.92 billion last year. Most of these credit card transactions were undertaken using a credit-card terminals or online payment solution platforms. The popularity of this type of payment system lies in the fact that the payment procedure is quick and the money transferred by the customer, immediately reaches the bank account of the merchants. Skrill is a leader in the area and the Skrill-Global Payment Suite can be used individually or with other solutions offered by the company. Below we have discussed regarding the different payment processing options with Skrill.

Different Payment Processing with SkrillWhat is Skrill-Direct?

Most existing customers of Skrill, have their online banking facilities. To ensure that their customers get the best service facilities, Skrill has introduced Skrill-Direct. This is a payment system which is online in nature. Skrill-Direct integrates with your existing online banking system and helps you to undertake any online transactions without any hassle. Once you complete your transaction, you would receive an instant confirmation regarding your payment transfer. In reality the actual money transfer from the bank could take a few days.

How does it work?

When you log into the Skrill website and enter the merchant’s check-out page, you would need to select the payment option of Skrill-Direct there. Then you would need to select your personal bank from the list of bank options offered. Currently Skrill-Direct supports most of the existing important banks in Europe. The next vital step to take would be to share your account details and login into your online account of the bank. Finally, you transfer the specified amount and receive your confirmation.

Is this method of payment processing secure?

Skrill-Direct is one of the most popular payments processing options in Skrill. It follows the highest level of security standards needed, so that you can enjoy a secure online transaction. In fact the details of your various online banking transactions are never saved. They are just stored as encrypted data in your online bank account. This payment system is certified by Eurobel, and TUV Sarland.  Skill-Direct maintains high levels of SSL security and is protected by VeriSign.

Other-Payment Processing Methods

Skrill-Digital Wallet

Skrill is a global leader in the segment of digital wallet or e-wallet. This is a payment procedure which ensures the customer about the facility to purchase online goods with the existing amount it has in its e-wallet. The concept is similar to a prepaid card, where you have to store money into your digital wallet account from beforehand. Here you do not need to share any sensitive data online. To enjoy the digital wallet facility, you have to log into your Skrill account and then use the various payment options available to make online payments. Skrill-Digital Wallet is a popular payment procedure among small merchants. It is also easy to integrate into various websites easily.

Using Credit Cards

Online Credit Card transactions are also undertaken as payment processing options. If the country is categorized as a high risk fraud nation, then the customer would need to login into his Skrill account. Otherwise the transactions can be done without registering into Skrill account.  The popular credit cards used for transactions are MasterCard, Visa, Amex, JCB, Diners Club and Geropay, to name a few.


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