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Coinimal Is the First Biticoin Merchant to integrate the Neteller Option

Coinimal is based in Austria and was created in December 2004. Coinimal was in limelight when it took a decision to integrate the Neteller option into its existing system. This created history as Coinimal became the first biticoin merchant. Positive words were expressed by the CEO of Coinimal Paul Klanschek when he stated the significance of Neteller selecting Coinimal lay in the fact that Neteller understood the fact that they were an important Biticoin gateway and Coinimal also followed strict vigilant regulations when it came to maintaining customer safety and security.

Coinimal Is the First Biticoin Merchant to integrate the Neteller OptionWhat are the benefits enjoyed?

The decision of Coinimal comes close to a few weeks, after Neteller added the Biticoin deposit feature in its payment systems. Now that Coinimal has become the first biticoin merchant it would enjoy the several payment alternatives which would help its customers. The existing customers of Coinimal would be able use Biticoins when undertaking transactions like transferring funds, credit card payments and even local bank money transfers.

Exploring important facts about Coinimal

Coinimal was founded under the leadership of Paul Klanschek the current CEO, Eric Demuth and Christian Trummer. The main objective was to create a company which would facilitate the Biticoin transactions easily for the common online customer. Within a few months, the company grew and it also offered a unique campaign to its existing customers. The promotional campaign encouraged its customers to invest €25 in Biticoin and in return they would not need to fully verify their account. The success of this program would need some time before it is judged. All these changes could well make Coinimal into one of the largest centers for digital currency in the near future. Coinimal also uses other brands of crypto-currencies like Litecoin and NXT.

Why is it important to use Coinimal?

Coinimal is based in Vienna, Austria and is listed as a Limited Liability Company. An important customer question would be the necessity of using Coinimal when buying biticoins. Here it is important to understand that Coinimal uses standards needed by biticoin when undertaking any financial transactions. Also the transaction time would be around 2 minutes and that is fast by ordinary standards. There is lot of transparency in their various procedures and the company also does not charge any hidden fees to its customers.

Do you need an account to operate?

Coinimal is a company based in Austria, thus it has to follow basic state regulations. An important aspect of this regulation is to collect vital customer data and be confirmed that the customer is true. Thus the customer would need to create an account and also has to undertake a verification process. The verification procedure is face to face and you can have a webcam chat. Here your identity data and passport is checked by Cybits, the company authorized to take your verification. The other procedure used for verification is to upload a Coinimal selfie and also other verification document like driving license and passport.


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