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Carrier billing of neteller by optimal payments and BOKU

A basic idea of this concept:

BOKU which is undoubtedly the leading carrier billing company has now announced that its carrier billing facilities will be provided by Optical Payments. The basic facility that consumers can avail through this is that their amount for the purchase of goods will be directly attached to their mobile phone bills and both can be paid together by the customers.

Carrier billing of neteller by optimal payments and BOKUBenefits that customers can avail through this:

Any merchant that enables purchases through Neteller can avail BOKU’s carrier billing services. This new service does not require you to share any of your details like credit card or debit card details thus providing you with an added level of security throughout the process. With the usage of this facility you can make deposits in a multiple number of countries together.  This is a simple process that enables customers who do not want to top up accounts through any other payment modes to use these and be benefited.

Why should you choose Optical Payments?

Optical Payments is trusted by consumers as well as business people through over 200 countries. This provides you facilities like transactions through credit cards and debits card and you alsohave the opportunity to carry out the process through multilingual approaches. In addition to that, they are a reliable source as they trade with about millions of dollars in all. Being a global provider, people of almost any country can access this facility whenever they want to, thus making it an all-time available feature for all.

Boku is the only provider to that has received an e- money license certification from FCA. This makes it unique in its own way. Jeremy Arnold says that consumers can now avail a frictionless method of making payments for their purchases just through the use of a simple mobile phone.

Being a direct carrier billing payment company BOKU reaches up to a population of four million in an average making it one of the largest carrier billing companies in the world. Though people are a bit skeptical about this tie up, the progress of the entire scenario will give us an idea about the success or the failure of the entire process as a whole.


Given the reputation of Neteller this transfer of responsibility for BOKU to Optical Payments is definitely something to look up to. The facility of carrier billing services has slowly gained a major popularity among the masses as it enables them to pay their bills in a much easier way now. Anything that saves time as well as is convenient will always be accepted in a large scale by the common masses. Neteller is already well known for the less time consuming processes that it offers to the customers. It is a matter of time before we get to know yet another success story through this carrier billing process.


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