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Bulgaria is witnessing the expansion of the team at Skrill

Skrill is expanding its team in Bulgaria and this had led to the company shift its office to a new location known as Capital Fort. Em Bi Bulgaria would move away from Capital Fort and Skrill could use the office location accordingly. Skrill has not made any official declaration regarding the number of new employees it is going to recruit and also explain any policies related to its business plan. The new office has an area of 5000 square feet and Sofia the new skyscraper would be officially open from June onwards.

Bulgaria is witnessing the expansion of the team at SkrillWhat do you know about Skrill?

Skrill has been involved extensively with digital payment since 2001 and currently it has over 30 nationalities working with it. The headquarters of Skrill is in London and it has also other offices in USA and Europe. Using around 40 currencies, people from over 200 countries use Skrill daily and the main function here being receiving and sending money. Here the transfer cost is low and the identity of the person undertaking online transaction is kept secret.

What are the different payment facilities offered by Skrill?

Globally there are around 200 different types of online payments and each country has its own payment option. There are around three basic types of payments which are as follows:

•    Card Payments

Card payments from local and international cards like Visa and MasterCard are undertaken here. Here the consumer buys the goods and then pays the sale amount using credit or debit card.

•    Alternative-payments

These are not based on cards and these would include online money transfers, invoices, offline cash payments and also mobile carrier billings.

•    Digital-wallet payment

Here a virtual wallet of a consumer is linked to credit cards and alternative payments. A specific amount needs to be present in the wallet and this would enable the payment.

Other heavy weight companies who have their offices in Capital Fort

Capital Fort has many heavy weight companies in its various buildings. Lev 2013 had around 400 people working there. Capital Fort released a statement that there was a strong demand for official spaces from strong IT companies like Apcom and Scale Focus. Most IT and out servicing companies are investing in a large office space as they are growing. Very few companies which are new in this segment are looking for such large official spaces. In fact 95% of offices accommodated in Capital Fort belong to outsourced companies.   The rent is around 10 to 16 Euros per square feet and the cost of the rent would also depend on the duration of the contract, size of the office and the location of the office. It should be mentioned here that the price quoted by Capital Fort for its office accommodation space is more expensive than the average cost quoted for offices. Here the amount is generally 10 to 12.5 Euros only.


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