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Published on October 3rd, 2015 | by neteller


Biticoin deposit feature is now recognized By Neteller

The advancement of technology has seen the birth of many new concepts. One such concept was the discovery of Biticoin by Satoshi Nakamoto. Biticoin is a digital currency which is virtual money and enjoys being decentralized. It was coined first in 1999 and over the years its popularity has grown. Neteller one of the global giants in the segment of online payment systems took a major decision when it added Biticoin payment feature to its network. This was completely against its company policy which had discouraged the use of virtual money transactions earlier.

Biticoin deposit feature is now recognized By NetellerWhat is the role of Optimal Payments?

Optimal Payments is the parent company of Neteller which was started in Canada. Optimal Payments is known as Optimal Payments PLC in UK and authorizes its various transaction procedures. This company was in news as it bought Skrill for $1.2 billion. Using Neteller which has a strong presence in 200 countries, various online transactions could be undertaken like stock exchange; forex trading and you can also undertake simple money transfer. The addition of Biticoin feature in Neteller would further help Optimal Payment to undertake extensive transactions anywhere in the world. Joel Layoff President and CEO of Optimal Payment stated that the company management is very excited regarding its future plans.

What is the role played by Neteller?

The customers of Neteller do not need to pay any fee when they access the Biticoin feature in their Neteller account. Once the account is active, the Biticoin amount can be transferred into any one of the 20 currencies options offered by Neteller. The people at Biticoin were surprised with this move from Neteller. However they can use Biticoins more frequently and make it very popular. Neteller is also popular in the online gaming industry and here the +Net cards are extensively used. Experts are of the opinion that more people are using the services of Neteller as they feel that their local banks are being strict with them in many ways and also the transactional service fees is very less.

What is the role played by BitPay?

BitPay is a company which is partnering with Neteller as it has now added the Biticoin facility. Sonny Singh the COO of BitPay explains that this partnership can be considered to be one of the largest partnerships of all time and this has lead to the establishment of a network which is huge. He maintained that this would revolutionize the way financial transaction would be undertaken in the near future. Also Sonny Singh maintains that he is happy to be part of this movement.

It would take some time before customers can use new biticoins for their online transactions. Experts feel that Biticoin can be used to create many services and you could also use biticoins to activate your prepaid cards. This would ensure that you could easily enjoy easy fund transfer or enjoy your favorite online gaming sessions.


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