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An Overview of Skrill Payment Gateway

Skrill is an e-commerce website which helps its customer to enjoy easy money transfer using various online payment services and digital wallet services. Originally known as Moneybookers, Skrill revolutionized the concept of online money transfer among its faithful customers, by charging very low service fees. Headquartered in London, it has over 3500 employees and has its presence felt in 200 countries where it uses over 40 different types of currencies.   Below we have tried to give an overview of this successful company.

What are the different services provided?

An Overview of Skrill Payment GatewayIntegrates various different typed of direct payment procedures

As a Skrill customer, you would enjoy the facility of selecting various direct payment procedures. This would be done easily by using just a few clicks. When using the various direct payment procedures you would enjoy:

1.    Have the option to select from hundred locally accepted payment options which are available in your country. Here you can use your local and global credit cards.

2.    You would be provided the facility to integrate various platforms like XML or specific hosted payment-page. This enhances your customer experience like never before.

3.    If you need to follow a monthly payment schedule, you could use the various recurring billing option models. Each model is customized to your needs.

4.    You have the power to predefine the transaction options, and then undertake it. The date of the transaction can also be changed.

5.    Skrill payment gateway has anti-fraud and risk management features added into it. Thus, you do not need to worry about security.

6.    You have the option to select and accept your online transactions using your phone.

7.    You can use the Quick-Checkout gateway option and quickly receive or transfer money.

8.    The service fees charged by Skrill are very nominal.

Digital Wallet- Services

The service of digital wallet services has made Skrill a leader in this segment. When you use this service you can transfer money faster and in a more secure manner. You would need to register yourself here in the Skrill website and then you can carry out various transactions. No financial data would be revealed and you would use money transfers in your email account only. As a merchant, you can recommend Skrill to your customers and this would help you generate good business. Skrill has an active customer cell which helps its customers and merchants solve its various problems immediately. Thus, your clients would hold your professional ethics high and also interact with you in a more extensive manner.

Using Skrill e-commerce solution

If you are a Skrill account holder, you can benefit from using its e-commerce solutions. The e-commerce solution would be customized to meet your personal business needs. The service fees are low and competent as per the market standards. You would receive instant payment notification once your customer uses it. The support team is dedicated and available around the clock to help you out. Finally, you would be supported by local expert knowledge too. Thus, your chances of success are very high.


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